“Transform yourself to transform the world”
Grace Lee Boggs


I believe that how we work together on a building site is a reflection of how we treat each other in wider society. I and my team are committed to these core values:


We are committed to providing a simple, ease-full service, demystifying the often-complicated construction process.

We listen to your ideas, needs and desires and will provide clear pricing and delivery options which will enable you to make an informed choice about your building work.

Within the process of a large project, change is inevitable. If we uncover something that will have an impact on the schedule, budget or scope of works agreed we are committed to discussing this with you immediately and working flexibly to find a solution that works for all of us.


Our work is rooted in traditional heritage skills.

We are stewards of these skills, and of the earth’s resources. We belong to a strong community of natural and heritage builders who are continually looking to enhance our knowledge and experience of skills and materials that will take care of the earth and the buildings on it.

It is a privilege to work in your home or your project and to bring to life your dreams, ideas and visions. We honour this by delivering highly-skilled, quality workpersonship.


We actively look for ways to find pleasure in our work.

Pleasure is present throughout our work. It comes from respecting the process, creating trusted and committed relationships, celebrating the small achievements and building a strong, well supported team.

Working on your building, idea, vision, home is a pleasure! Bringing enjoyment, generosity and fun to the way we work together can only make for a better end result. I am committed to showing up fully to the process of working with you on your project.

A successful build is one in which:

The design and material choices enhance the health of the building, the land and do not damage the environment.

It’s really good fun with lots of laughs.

The client feels informed, empowered by, and engaged in the process.

The working experience for me, my clients and all contractors accommodates people’s individual needs and helps us all to do our best work.

We take opportunities to experiment with ways of working that put our values at the centre.

The process feels easeful for everyone involved.

Conflicts / challenges are dealt with honesty, accountability, openness and a commitment to learning, reflection and improvement.

“aim to be an organisational model of the change we call for in the world”
adrienne maree brown

What does a transformative building site look like?

This question is our daily practice on site.
An experiment; an evolving understanding of how we can do this work bringing the fullest integrity to our values.

Sometimes this is quiet work: checking in with each other’s feelings, stopping to stretch to look after our bodies enabling us to work, asking for help when needed and knowing that we each have permission to create the environment which will enable us to deliver our best work.

Sometimes it is challenging work that requires us step outside of our comfort zone in order to stand up for our values.

Sometimes it is easeful work leading us to saying a loud YES to building a committed team, and doing work that that we all love and enjoy.

Discover more about my work in transforming building site culture here.

“Nothing happens in isolation. There is always a squad, collaborators, a body that supports change occurring.”
Sage Crump