About Me

I have been building with natural materials for ten years.

Trained in heritage wood work and being mentored by masters in their craft, I have grown to truly appreciate the benefits of using the right natural materials to enhance the durability and functionality of a building.

The durability of larch and oak, the warmth of sheep’s wool, the impermeability of slate. Working with natural products requires a deep understanding of how they will behave and react in our climate. This continues to be a life-long learning process of getting to know our land.

The simple beauty and functionality of these materials is lies at the heart of everything I build.

I work with each of my clients one-to-one to create bespoke buildings that represent your dreams and vision.

Beginning my career as a teacher and facilitator working with self-builders, my passion is in holding my clients’ vision at the core of the design and build process. 

I have collaborated with and learned from many other craftspeople along the way, bringing a diverse portfolio of skills and knowledge to every project and creating something extra special for each and every client.